THEVASA – Clothes that make you feel at Home

by Team Conscious Carma

Originating from the Sankrit word ‘vasa’, Thevasa literally translates to a home. A home that stems its roots from a land of kaleidoscopic history and an ever-rich cultural heritage. Founders Himanshu Wardhan and Neha Kalra introduced Thevasa in 2019 to create an experience that pushes India’s artisanal history to the forefront.


Co- Founder Himanshu Wardhan’s inspiration to contemporise Traditional Indian crafts thereby making them commercially viable, stemmed from his enriching experience of 5 years spent setting up Etsy India for the global market. He then decided to pay homage to his Indian roots by joining his wife and co-founder Neha Kalra full time with Thevasa.

“Thevasa began as an exploration of everything Indian; everything that reminds us of our Vasa (Sanskrit for home). We have traveled all over and realised how little we know of this land. At Thevasa, we’re coming back home with dreams from all over the  world.” says Himanshu Wardhan, Co-Founder, Thevasa

Having lived in California, Mumbai and Delhi, India remains a recurring source of inspiration for the husband-wife duo. They quickly realised the potential in the market space for contemporary, minimalistic designs that would serve the purpose of functionality and the feeling of living in clothing, that makes you feel “at home”. Thevasa launched to contemporize an intricate culture that spans a few hundred decades and re-look at traditional designs through a modern outlook.

Today, the brand works with artisans across India, seamlessly amalgamating and experimenting age-old design techniques with modern aesthetics and silhouettes. From sketching singular details to selecting the fabric, embroidery and cut, the design team at Thevasa is deeply involved with artisans in every step of the manufacturing process.

Moving towards being a 100% sustainable fashion brand

For us, being sustainable is not a marketing gimmick or a positioning strategy, but something that we believe in and try to be as sustainable as possible without talking much about it. We try to avoid plastics in our packing and try to recycle and reuse as much as possible, be it with our products or at our experience centre. We use 100% certified compostable bag made from plastic start with no microplastic for our online orders. At our retail stores we use paper bags or cloth totes. Our products are mostly made of natural materials. We upcycle the fabric waste and create small usable products such as bags, pouches and Kids garments etc

Affordable Conscious Luxury Fashion

We believe that it’s very important to offer conscious design at affordable pricing because if the product is not accessible then customers will continue to opt for other non-sustainable products. Our price points are very accessible for a designer brand that is innovating with new contemporary designs and making handcrafted products.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to collaborate with artisans from all parts of India, and keep exploring and experimenting the diverse and rich cultural heritage of India. The biggest source of Inspiration of our designs is “Incredible India”.

The brand also intends to have a dense Pan India Retail presence in the near future.

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