#BeatPlasticPollution this World Environment Day

by Team Conscious Carma

#BeatPlasticPollution, the theme for World Environment Day 2023, focuses on solution to plastic pollution.

Team Conscious Carma lists down a few environment friendly initiatives by companies and NGOs worth an applause.

NGO Buddh Jyoti Foundation is beating plastic pollution with cloth bags

#BeatPlasticPollution – Going with the theme of this year’s World Environment Day, #BeatPlasticPollution,  Buddh Jyoti Foundation (BJF), a Delhi based NGO, is running a one month campaign to distribute cloth bags in major markets in Delhi NCR.

“More than 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced every year, half of which is designed to be used only once. If we could stop the use of single use plastic, half of the battle is won. Keeping this in mind, BJF is starting a one month campaign to generate awareness among the consumers about the hazards of single use plastics”, Says Kapeel Barsaiyan, President, BJF

“The awareness drive will include visits to the main markets of Delhi NCR and initiating a dialogue with the consumers and presenting them with a Cloth Bag to replace their single use plastic. Awareness is the key to reduce the meance of single use plastic. Plastic clogs our landfills, leaches into the ocean and is combusted into toxic smoke, making it one of the gravest threats to the planet”, adds Kshipra Simon, Secretary General, BJF.

These Cloth bags have been made by the marginalised section of the society. We are glad that this drive has also become a source of income for these women.

Website : https://buddhjyoti.org/

IZZHAAR’s sustainable gifting solutions

World Environment Day is all about celebrating Earth and the lives on it, let us come together as saviours of our planet and appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature that surrounds us. Izzhaar, the creator of natural and sustainable products, encourages you to take part in the conservation of the mother Earth and reduces your share of carbon footprints on the planet.

In the modern era of ever-changing trends, having an ardour for antique and sustainable products is a boom for the environment. Izzhaar as a sustainable gifting solution has a wide range of natural products that not only gives value to your money, but also empowers you to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.

Organic products at Izzhaar are bespoke that are rarely to be found in the general platform of the gifting solutions. The practice of collecting grounded products helps in preserving the natural resources by promoting biodiversity and strengthening ecological resilience.

In addition to the environmental benefits, supporting organic products also contributes to the livelihoods of artisans and communities who rely on sustainable production. By buying organic goods, you help create demand for these products, supporting artisans committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices.

Website- https://izzhaar.co.in/

Akshayakalpa Organic’s sustainable agriculture and waste management initiatives

Bangalore based Akshayakalpa Organic, India’s first certified organic dairy enterprise is promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility in the food industry through their unique approaches to waste management, responsible packaging, and employee-driven cleanliness drives that create a positive impact on the environment.

Akshayakalpa Organic has pioneered the use of reverse logistics to collect plastic waste directly from their customers’ doorsteps. This game-changing initiative ‘Give Back Milk Pack’ has already resulted in an impressive 8% of the app customer base actively participating in recycling efforts. By utilizing this innovative strategy, the aim is to create a circular economy where plastic waste is responsibly managed and given a new life. So far, they have a record of collecting and recycling 7 tonnes of plastic.

In addition to their plastic waste management efforts, they also have paperboard packaging, which compared to traditional plastic milk packaging, consume significantly less water. Moreover, their commitment to sustainability extends beyond packaging – they actively collect used paperboards, separate the layers, and repurpose them into journals used by their employees, promoting a culture of recycling and upcycling. Furthermore, their dedicated employees actively organize cleanliness drives on a monthly basis, demonstrating the commitment to maintaining a clean and sustainable environment both within the organization and the communities they serve.

Website : https://akshayakalpa.org/

Window Magic manufacturing Eco-friendly uPVC window and Door System

Window Magic is committed to making eco-friendly homes with their uPVC Doors and Windows.

Window Magic has also launched their first-ever sustainability manager, Mr. HOS – High on sustainability. Additionally, they accept full accountability for the waste material produced throughout the manufacturing process and have tied up with GGEPIL, a waste management company. Mr. HOS is helping Window Magic to become a company that genuinely cares about the earth and is responsible.

Website: https://www.windowmagicindia.com/

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