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Simple. Great for the Ego, and even better for the Eco.

A new generation of progressive and adaptable individuals is indulging in more conscious diamonds. A growing cohort and tribe that believe that, whether it is love or love for diamonds, it must be conflict-free. Contrary to popular belief, owning or gifting diamonds is about more than just money. However, emotional investment is required. Nothing else matters when emotions are involved, as we all know. 

The generation’s beauty is that they are interested in the diamond’s journey and the process of making it. They are sceptical of everything. Does the radiance and brilliance of traditionally mined diamonds obscure the truth about exploitation and conflict? And the youth have discovered grown diamonds in their pursuit of finding freedom from the unethical treatment of the earth, the people involved in the extraction, and the community. 


The progressives want to be free of the shackles of misery that are associated with diamonds. The paradox is that diamond miners (in the traditional sense), who extract the most precious stone from the earth’s core, are among the community’s poorest members. 

The Land 

Diamond Alchemists, who are skilled and equipped to work in high-tech facilities, grow diamonds in a controlled environment. This effectively means that large tracts of land will not be dug up and excavated to deep recesses beneath the earth’s surface. Grown diamonds eliminate dangerous scenarios such as soil erosion, deforestation, and ecosystem destruction. Second, mined diamonds can devastate the natural beauty and local ecology of the area where the mines are located, whereas Grown Diamonds require no earth displacement and use a small amount of land to construct facilities.  

This is only the tip of the iceberg. The impact of choosing Grown Diamonds vs. Mined Diamonds is a welcome revelation, according to a Global, reputable research and consulting firm.   

The Air 

If love is in the air, so are carbon, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide emissions. Here’s how 1 carat of diamond mining compares to 1 carat of grown diamond. Cabon Emissions: 57,000 grammes vs. 0.028 grammes. While mined diamonds emit 0.042 tonnes of nitrogen dioxide, grown diamonds emit 0.09 milligrams. 

The Water 

Diamonds are luxury. Mined diamonds require 0.48 m3 of water to produce one carat of diamond, while grown diamonds require 0.07 m3. To put that into perspective, the water usage ratio is 6.9:1.  

If you consider yourself to be a conscientious consumer, Grown Diamonds may be the right choice for you. Here’s another one. Incidents involving the environment. According to the international report, the mined category has 4.5 incidents. There have been zero environmental incidents reported in the grown Diamond Category. 

The Natural Habitat 

Grown diamonds and their purchasers can assert that their diamonds do not disrupt natural habitat. Plants and animals are not harmed in any way during the diamond-growing process. Grown diamonds have no negative impact on biodiversity, ecology, or natural habitat. The truth is that when land is mined for diamonds, native plant and animal life is disrupted and displaced. Grown Diamonds simply believes and delivers on the belief that when taking diamonds home, de-homing others, including plants, animals, and people, is not an option. 

While Grown Diamonds have provided a solution for years of conflicted diamonds, human rights, and forced labour, there is still much room to achieve the deepest shade of green. The industry will rapidly transition to renewable energy with zero reliance on fossil fuels, while also monitoring its carbon footprint and achieving carbon neutrality. 

If diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love, then Grown Diamonds are an excellent way to ensure that love is conflict-free, guilt-free, and toxicity-free for all humans, animals, and, most importantly, the environment.”

Lisa Mukhedkar, Founder & CEO 
AUKERA Jewellery 

Aukera was founded by Lisa Mukhedkar, a highly accomplished retail designer and seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. Supported by an exceptional team of retail experts and merchandisers, Aukera strives to be the go-to brand for women, free from any limitations associated with mined diamonds.

Lisa’s entry into this industry was influenced by her observations of the international market, where even established players like De Beers and Tanishq have embraced lab-grown diamonds. Moreover, key developments in this sector were presented in Nirmala Sitharaman’s recent budget, further solidifying the decision to venture into this domain.”

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